Etsy Heart Exchanger

Tool for automatic exchanging of item views and hearts.

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The idea?

There are many ways to promote a shop. A common free way is to favorite other sellers' items and shops and expect them to do the same to us. Another way is to take part in discussions where different games are played, with similar aim, to gather more views, favorites, follows, etc.
If you have done this, you must have noticed the self repeating, time consuming process.
Well, maybe you are guessing - how about to make that process automatic. That's exactly what this extension is trying to achieve.
Automatizing shop promotion, so sellers can spend more time on making new items, improving, or just having some free time.

How will my shop promote?

This extension is still process of development, but the first promoting feature called 'Heart Exchanging' is ready.
Heart Exchanging can be seen as a kind of Trendathon. The difference is, you don't have to post, fave, view manually. It is done automatically, and you can see it happening in your browser.
Item IDs (e.g. 386938412) are being sent between the extension's users, until everyone faves certain amount of items, and receives certain amount of faves. These amounts depend on the number of HeartExchanger users.
More shop promoting ways / extension features are coming soon (around 3 months)!

Is it free?

Currently, it is free. In future there might be some paid features. Well, we must all make a living, right?

Why is it not stable?

For an extension it has pretty complex implementation. There's also a server responsible for listings info and managing priority of who should get a fave next. Who deserves a fave, who does not.
Another thing is it's very young. It started to actually get decent amount of users since August 2016. That's when problems appear.
And finally, all this is created by one person. There's just not enough time.
Anyway, please be patient, issues will be resolved and new features will be added. If you can't stand the pain, feel free to remove it, but make sure to come back in a few months.

More questions?

Feel free to send me an email to: [email protected]

Please consider:

  • Not recommended to run with the same shop on two different computers.
    Feel free to run it on multiple computers if you have multiple Etsy shops.
  • Not recommended to run in incognito mode. The extension does not differ incognito from normal mode.
  • Reporting bugs is greatly appreciated, or at least don't give up easily.


  • Hourly faves counter
  • Automatic exchanging of views/hearts with other users of the extension.
    Requires very little to no user interaction. You receive as much as you give.


  • Completely automatize posting & completing teams/discussions.
  • Long-term statistics for hearts received by this extension.
  • The extension should become one big team where we all let computers do all the promotion work.
  • Suggest a feature.


Credits to the creators of all these amazing free technologies: Typescript, Babel, Gulp, Webpack, LESS, Bluebird, AngularJS, Lodash, MomentJS, Mongoose, jQuery, NPM, NodeJS, MongoDB, Git and GitHub.